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World Cup Fencing

While I was in Chicago my assignment editor emailed me and asked if I would be interested in shooting the World Cup Fencing at Navy Pier. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I figured it would be good practice before I head to London, where I will be covering the Olympics. My lack of any previous knowledge left me to assume the World Cup of Fencing would have the super dramatic all black background where you just expose for the whites and go to town. When I arrived I was quickly disappointed, I was forced to shoot in lighting that reminded my of my high school gym class.

Fencing is one interesting sport. They yell and scream to try and convince the judges they deserve the point even though their suits are wired with a buzzer system that sounds immediately once it is touched.

My key focus was on Mariel Zagunis who is the number one women’s fencer in the world, I also had to focus on some major Olympic contenders from other countries.┬áMariel Zagunis lost in the final round of the championship. Luckily this tournament has no impact on world ranking or Olympic.

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