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Women’s Football Semifinal-France vs Japan

After a crazy previous day, I got the chance to sleep in before shooting the women’s football semifinal between Francs and Japan. The winner of this game goes on to the gold medal game at Wembley Stadium on Thursday. The game was a 5pm start and I got there around 3pm and was instantly over whelmed with how many media members where in attendance from Japan and France.

After spending some time from the photo chief who use to be a photographer in the states, he hooked me up with a good place to shoot along with a stool to sit on! It’s always a great feelings when your in another country and fellow americas and there to help.

I settled into my seat and waited for the game to start. I had pictured the game being very physical and high scoring, but it turned out not to be. If I wouldn’t have know any better it could have been two high school teams playing.

Let’s get on with some game action.

Japan scored the first goal of the game.


At half time I was escorted to the top of the stadium to shoot an overall of the empty stadium.

Right as I returned to my seat to start the second half Japan scored another goal making it 2-0.

A France player was injured and she had something sprayed on her ankle.

France finally scored making it 2-1.

With the clock winding down France was unable to score another goal so Japan won 2-1.

That wraps up a pretty boring game. I have gotten better images at high school games, then this game. Depending on what happens over the next few days I might be shooting the Gold Medal Match between USA and Japan, but I am not sure. I will keep everyone posted.


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