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Vacation: Day 6- GoPro Meets Alligator

After meeting Gator John over at Wootens, he invited Stacy and I over to Gator Adventures to watch him wrestle alligators. It’s actually not wresting its more of handling and training. I asked Gator John, if I could strap by GoPro Hero 3 to his head while he is handling them and he jumped at the opportunity! I figured it would add a unique angle.

First Gator John took me over to see this huge alligator!

Canon 1DX, 70-200mm, 1/1250th, F4.5, ISO 250

Then John was ready to do some handling. Below is John staring down the gator with the GoPro attached to his head.

Canon 1DX, 24-70mm, 1/1000th, F3.5, ISO 250

Below are all of the photos that were taken with the GoPro. I was extremely happy with how they turned out as it provided a killer angle that most people don’t see every day!

Canon 1DX, 24-70mm, 1/1000th, F3.5, ISO 250

Here is a picture of me sticking my camera in the mouth of the alligator.




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