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The Olympic Audible

Every night around midnight I get an email from management listing everyone assignment for the following day. I was scheduled for the Women’s Marathon, China vs USA Women’s basketball and Water Polo. The day started out awful to say the least!

As I was getting ready for the day, I was watching the BBC weather and they said 0% chance of rain. Perfect! So I left all of my rain gear for my cameras in the hotel. I got to Pal Mall where the Women’s Marathon would be taking place to attended the 8:30am photo meeting for an 11:00am start. Not sure why so early, but it is what it is.

After spending an hour backing up photos to my external hard drive it was time to head out to my spot. London has so many iconic landmarks I decided to shoot the runners passing in front of Buckingham Palace.

As soon as I walked out of the media center, I saw huge dark storm clouds rolling over the area. Just great! No rain gear and I only brought my light rain jacket! So went back into the media room and grabbed a large trash bag to help protect my gear. After standing in front of Buckingham Palace for 20 minutes or so the rain began to fall. Not just a light sprinkle but a torrential down pour. I quickly covered my three cameras and backpack with the garbage back and tried to stand underneath a little overhang, but I was still getting wet. So I decided just to suck it up and stand in the rain.

Then all of the sudden the runners started coming towards us so I grabbed my wide angle lens and with the rain still coming down hard the front of my lens was getting wet. I tried to keep it dry but I was having no such luck. As the runners ran by I noticed nothing was in focus, due to so much rain being on the front of my lens. I was just hoping I would have at least one frame on focus and I got lucky! (SEE PHOTO ABOVE)

Below fans stand in the rain waiting for the runner.

Two hours and some odd minutes later, the leader Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia crosses the finish line to win the marathon.

The two USA runners Kara Goucher, left, and Shalane Flanagan finished 10th and 11th.

Then Ana Dulce Felix (POR) collapses to the ground.

After the first 20 runners crossed the finished line, I busted out of their to head back to the hotel to change out of my wet clothes. After getting some dry clothes on I was on my way to basketball. I made it to the arena with 10 minutes to spare.

Just as I was getting into the groove making some good frames I got a text from an editor and said get out of the basketball game now we have a new assignment for you.

Here are four images from half of the game.

Once back to the MPC, I was told I will be going to Brixton which is a little neighborhood north of the center of London. It has a large Jamaican population. I would be meeting up with a writer and a videographer. The storyline was to show all of the Jamaican people gathered into a bar/restaurant watching Usaine Bolt in the mens 100m dash. After scoping out a few places we didn’t find anything to great until we met the manger of a bar named Veranda. It was packed with people.

Once inside we could barley move, there were so many people standing in front of the only TV in the bar.

Below fans cheer as Bolt wins the mens 100m semifinal.

Next I wanted to find another angle where I could see the tv in the foreground with the fans cheering for the final later in the evening.

Here is what I got after Bolt won the 100m final to win another gold medal.

After the race, I squeeze my way through the crowd to get outside and see if anyone was celebrating.

That wraps up a crazy day and not knowing what the end of the day can lead to!

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