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The city was founded on January 7th 1837, making it 179 years young. Over the last several years I have been documenting the city from a variety of different angles and vantage points for myself along with different clients.

I have seen downtown Toledo from a helicopter, from the middle of the Maumee River, the 280 Bridge, High Level Bridge, atop of buildings and from the ground looking up. Every angle is different and I wanted to share my favorite 12 images of Toledo I have photographed over the last several years.

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The Toledo Musuem of Art has had some amazing exhibits over the last few months. The giant hammock, Red Ball Project, Degas and now Sneaker Culture. It’s pretty amazing to be able to photograph all of the artists and the exhibits.

The museum had a party to celebrate the exhibit and even some hiphop street performers showed up at the after party.

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The Great Art Escape is a holiday tradition at the Toledo Museum of Art, where a number of special programs are planned. The goal is to bring family and friends to the museum to view, explore and share there love for art.

I was photographing a variety of different events or marketing and social media material. Here are my favorite images.

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2016 is off to an awesome year even though its only 6 days in. But when I work on 3 pretty fun projects right out of the gate it makes for a great start. As I have said in the past, I do a lot of work for the Toledo Musuem of Art. This is actually my 9th year doing work for them. Crazy how time passes. Any way I was to photography the new food menu for the cafeteria which will be launching in March of 2016. Shoot food is fun yet challenging. the lighting has to be just right and the stylist has to prep and arrange the food to make it look appetizing for viewings to want to eat.

Here are my sample of some of my photos.

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It is time to reflect on the things that happened over the last twelve months. 2015 was an amazing year and last night I was laying in bed at 2am thinking, “what did I accomplish or do to move my life and my career forward?”

Here are some of my ongoing reflection for 2015 and my plans for 2016.

I had the opportunity to photograph some of the world’s largest sporting events and most elite athletes. I made some pretty amazing photographs, but looking back they are just pictures on a screen, in a newspaper, or in a book. They aren’t helping me fulfill my dream to change the world or even to help change the life of a person.

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The Rodgers to Rodgers Hail Mary is talked about as the greatest walk-off winner in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers was on his own 21 yard line and chucked the ball into the end zone as time expired in hope that the ball would be caught for a touchdown. Richard Rodgers caught the ball to win the game for the Green Bay Packers. They defeated the Detroit Lions on what might be the greatest pass In NFL history.

Here are my favorite images from the game.

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The Ohio State vs Michigan rivalry is know as one of the best match ups in college football. Ann Arbor and Columbus are only 190 miles apart. The two teams have been playing since 1897 and Michigan is currently leading the series 58-47-6. But the past four years, Ohio State has had Michigan’s number. Michigan can’t get over the hump and beat the team down south. Going into the game on Saturday everyone was expecting a closer game with a lot less scoring, but after Ohio State lost last weekend to Michigan State, Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes need some style points in hopes to make it back into the College Football Playoff.

I have been attending the Ohio State Michigan game for over ten years and I have only missed one game and that was last year, so it felt good to be back on the sidelines photographing the big game.

Special thanks to Chef Drew, whom is the last person I would have expected to see in Ann Arbor, for the pedicab ride from my parking spot to the media entrance at the stadium.

Here are my favorite images of the game. I hope you enjoy.
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Homestead-Miami Speedway, where champions are crowned. This is the third year in a row I was covering the NASCAR Championship race. This time for NBC Sports, It was a little different than covering the race for an editorial client. The images were going to be used across social media to share images to fans during the race weekend. It allowed me to have a little more creative freedom as to what I photographed.

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The making of the Super Bowl 50 football at the Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio. I was working for Wilson Sporting Goods to create some dynamic story telling images of how the Super Bowl and the College Football Playoff footballs are made in the little town of Ada, Ohio.

Every football is made by hand and each year around 700,000 footballs are produced for NCAA and NFL teams to be used on Saturdays and Sunday. It’s truly and amazing experience to be able to see how each football is stamped out of slabs of leather and transformed into a football that we see our favorite collegiate and NFL players catch in the end zone on Saturdays and Sunday.

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.

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A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from Sports Illustrated photo editor Chris Chambers to see if I was available to head down to Columbus to shoot the Minnesota vs Ohio State game focusing strongly on Ezekiel Elliott. Focusing specifically on one player is extremely fun and also challenging at the same time. Lucky I have spent a lot of time down in Columbus this season so I know a lot of Ezekiel’s pregame rituals which always helps.

Pro tip: Always do your homework about a player, watch clips of his running style online and look at other pictures of him you or other photographers have taken to learn about his facial expressions and his on field emotions.

Thanks to Chris Chambers again for the opportunity to produce images for Sports Illustrated. Here are my favorite images from the shoot.

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