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Congratulations to Annie and Tony Harmon on tying the knot and putting up with me all day! Annie and Tony got married on August 24th at St. Joseph Church in Sylvania, Ohio. Tony is a firefighter and he set it up, so we could stop by and take photos inside of the fire house which was an awesome location.

Annie and Tony left the rest up to me, so what do photographers do best? Scout locations. The best locations was a random houses in Sylvania front where where dozen of sunflowers where along the side of the road, which made for an awesome photo.

Thanks for having me! I had a blast!!

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Harmful Algal Bloom season has arrived. If your not from Toledo, over the weekend the City of Toledo and surrounding suburbs were advised not to drink or boil water due to algae getting into the city water system.

Toledo was on a Don’t Drink, Don’t Boil advisory for two and a half days. People were clearing water off the shelves by the dozen. I have never seen anything like it. Lucky we don’t get hurricanes or other natural disasters.

Here a few photos of the Algal Blooms at Maumee Bay State Park.

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NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions


Week 16 in the NFL and the Detroit Lions playoff hopes came to a close, the 23-20 lose to the New York Giants in overtime by a Josh Brown Field goal. The Lions who were once first in their division finish the season with a losing record.

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NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Michigan State vs Ohio State


Following the MAC Championship in Detroit, I headed over to Indianapolis for the Big 10 Championship between the #2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan State Spartans. Everyone was expecting Ohio State to come into the game and take away any chance Michigan State had, but Michigan State came to battle. They wanted to show the entire country they deserved to be in Indy.

The game was loud and full of intensity which made for some awesome photos! Enjoy!

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I was hired by the awesome guys over at Toledo.com to setup a outside portrait where people dressed up as zombies could get a portrait taken. I love the idea they proposed and I knew it was going to make for some awesome photos. These are my favorite photos of the night. So enjoy the photos. Note, some of the photos are extremely disturbing.

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Another post from a hot air balloon, friend Jake Tyler recently got a new balloon so my self and my fiancé Stacy went for a ride Saturday morning. I am usually a fan of doing aerial photography around sunset but during sunrise gave me a whole new appreciation for early morning photos!

This is from Stacy (someone who hates flying)

“If you’ve ever been hesitant about going up in a hot air balloon, you shouldn’t be worried! It’s nothing like you think it is ! So smooth, you feel like your floating, and you never feel like your descending! It’s amazing!”

Enjoy the photos!


The LPGA Marathon Classic was back in Toledo after taking a year off so Toledo could have the US Senior Open. In the years past it was called the Jamie Farr Classic and this year it took on a new name and new sponsor. I have always had a love hate relationship for shooting golf. It makes for some really nice clean photos but it kicks your butt hauling gear around all over the course. Here are some of my favorite images from the week.

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The Toledo Walleye opened their season on October 13. I worked with the Walleye marketing staff to make some awesome images of the fans waving glow sticks that were handed out to all fans when arrived at the arena.

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I have been home from London for a day and a half and I was itching to shoot again. After texting my buddy who is the equipment manager for the football team where I use to be a kicker and he telling me it was their last two-a-day practice on Wednesday, I knew it would be a good opportunity to shoot!

Before I left for London I met with newly appointed head coach Matt Campbell, who was on staff when I was a kicker at Toledo. He had always supported my work and my work ethic, so I pitched him an idea about doing an all-access photo blog of the 2012 camp. Where potential recruits and fans could log on everyday and view pictures. Obviously going to London, I didn’t get a chance to do that so I am going to try and make up for lost time and hit up a few practice when I am home to make some really good images. Show what goes on during camp and practice that the public might not be able to see!

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