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I have been working with the awesome guys over at Sparr Games, Jake and Jacob over the last several months to help them develop some imagery for their extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign. They were looking for a pledge of $15,000 but ended up raising $47,000. Which in turn is now the must successful Kickstarter project Toledo has ever seen .

Below are some of the product photos for some upcoming marketing material to be used to update backers and used for website.

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Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supply hired me to photograph the first ever Customer Appreciation golf outing at Belmont Country Club. It was a great day to drive around the course and photograph some of Toledo best restaurant owners.

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I have been helping my long time friend Jenna Lento work on her personal brand through imagery to help push on social media. Jenna is a personal health coach, working with every day people to help guide them into healthy lifestyle habits.

Jenna and I went to the University of Toledo together, and didn’t stay in contact after graduation, fast forward five years we reconnected and starting working together on a few different projects.

We did a photoshoot last week to create some nice airy and vivid photography of some simple fruits and green smoothies to share on social media. It doesn’t matter what your brand is or if it’s big or small. Excellent photography will take your brand from average to above average.

Here are some sample images.

If you or your brand is interested in working with me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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The Great Art Escape is a holiday tradition at the Toledo Museum of Art, where a number of special programs are planned. The goal is to bring family and friends to the museum to view, explore and share there love for art.

I was photographing a variety of different events or marketing and social media material. Here are my favorite images.

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For the second year in a row I worked with the awesome guys at Toledo.com to create dynamic portraits during the Adams Street Zombie Crawl . Each year a week prior to Halloween the Uptown Association has a Zombie Crawl where everyone gets Zombified.

I setup lights in the street and people come get their portrait taken. The images below are the best Zombies from the night. Some of them are super creepy. I hope you enjoy!

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