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For the past 49 Super Bowls they have been using roman numerals. The 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco would be a little different this year. They switched from using roman numeral L to using 50, which is a much better fit for branding. Another funky thing about this years Super Bowl is that everyone was saying it was in San Francisco, which actually isn’t true. The game is actually being played in Santa Clara, CA about an hour south of downtown San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco photographing a few different assignments for a my commercial clients. I didn’t photograph the game this year and I am perfectly ok with that. I worked on creating some features around the city to be used on social media and photographed a few different events.

Here are my favorite images from the weekend. Sometimes wandering around the city trying to create something unique and dynamic is just as rewarding as photographing the game winning touchdown.

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The third preseason game for most NFL teams is the most important game. The starters play well into the third quarter. I had two objectives for this game, get good stock of Tom Brady and Tim Tebow. They were both harder then I thought due to the NFL allowing an 85 man roster during training camp instead of the in season of 52. The sidelines were just packed and it was hard to get clean backgrounds but I was able to walk away with some nice images from the game.

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