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NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Detroit Red Wings


I don’t shoot a lot of NHL throughout the year, but when I get the chance to I don’t turn it down. Hockey is starting to grow on me, I still don’t know any of the rules and I could only name about a handful of stars in the league. Some may ask, aren’t you the team photographer for the Toledo Walleye? Why, yes I am! But my job is to find creative images to be used for marketing purposes so action isn’t my primary focus.

The Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings are the original six NHL teams and anytime they get together to play it always ends up being a good game. The game went into overtime, then into a shootout. Detroit would end up winning the game 5-4.

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Following the IndyCar race in Baltimore Jackson Helms Smith and my self packed the car to head to Blacksburg, VA. We left around 9pm which should put is at the hotel around 3am. If you have ever been to the Baltimore/DC area it’s extremely confusing to drive around, five lane highways and the exits are sometimes to your left and sometimes to the right which makes it very confusing. So needless to say we got lost and made a giant loop around DC before we actually made our way to Blacksburg, VA.

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