Ohio Bobcats defeat the Toledo Rockets 31-26

More than halfway through the 2016 college football season and teams in the Mid American Conference switch from playing games on Saturdays to weekdays to get a chance to shine on national television.

Last night the Ohio Bobcats traveled to Toledo for some late October MAC action. Personally, I didn’t have a great game shooting, but here are some of my favorite photos from the game.

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Documenting the Toledo Rockets

Some of my readers and followers may or may not know that I played football at the Univeristy of Toledo, I was the placekicker so being able to document the team like I have been able to this far in 2016 has been such an awesome experience.

I am trying to look at things just a little differently then most sports photographers on the sidelines. I love telling stories whether that be in person or via my photography. A picture truly is worth 1,000 words.

In the images below I have converted a few to black and white to show a little more emotion and the current mood the the image. Please let me know if you like that style by commenting below.

Thanks for looking!

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2016 Toledo Zombie Crawl Portraits

Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to get you prepared then my top 21 photos from the 2016 Adams Street Zombie Crawl. This is my fourth year working with the awesome team over at Toledo.com to make this happen.

Supposedly 15,000 people where in attendance this year it was by far the biggest crowd I have ever seen. I had two setups, one was for a group of friends and the other was for the “HALL OF FAME” where I would pick people who went all out on their costume to shoot a dramatically light portrait of them.

Anyway, can’t wait until next year and here is my Top 21 favorite portraits! Enjoy.

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Why Your Event Needs A Professional Photographer

Putting on an event is no simple task, and capturing that event efficiently can be even trickier. You have one opportunity to capture the unique experiential shots during the day of your event, and it’s crucial that you get that emotion-evoking photography to use, for a number of reasons. It can be crucial that you hire event professional photography.

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Rustbelt Coffee Fall Photoshoot

Downtown Toledo opening a new coffee shop called Rustbelt Coffee located at 119 N. Ontario Street. I was introduced to the owner of the coffee shop Grant several months ago by Lance Roper of Actual Coffee who provides all the coffee for Rustbelt.

Grant reached out to me about a week ago about shooting some stylized photos for their new fall drink menu they would be launching soon.

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