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More BMX and Water Polo

After a failed shoot at BMX the day before, I had to go back and give it another go. As much as I enjoy shooting motor sports I figured this would  be the closest thing. BMX had multiply riders on the track which helped a lot. I got sick of all the shitty angles we were allowed to shoot from and dealing with the hundreds of photographers so I head to the top of the grandstand just like NASCAR! It allows me to see all the action on the track with super clean backgrounds.

Then I was BORED and busted out the tilt shift

On the way out I knocked out few pan blurs and I was lucky it was USA rider.

I made the short walk over to the Water Polo Arena to shoot USA vs Spain women’s gold medal match. With this being my fourth water polo game, I wasn’t even excited even if it was a gold medal match.

Here is a solid action photo from the game.

Spain player Marta Bach Pascual (2) and USA player Heather Petri (2) fight for the ball in the second quarter in the women’s gold medal match during the London 2012 Olympic Games at Water Polo Arena.

The rest is celebration and medal ceremony.

Below USA basketball player James Harden looks super excited for the USA water polo team winning the gold medal!

That wraps up another Olympic blogs! Only three more days in London!

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