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Michigan Signing of the Stars for Players Tribune

National Signing Day is usually on the first Wednesday in February where it allows high school athletes to sign their National Letter of Intent to play a college sport at a school that offered them a scholarship. 

I got the opportunity to work with the awesome team at the Players Tribune to photograph the Michigan Signing of the Stars Event.

AW1_1805 AW1_1884 AW1_2023 AW1_2209 AW1_2337 AW2_2759 AW2_2983 AW2_3029 AW2_3052 AW1_2658 AW1_2679 AW1_2707 AW1_2821 AW1_2823 AW1_2845 AW2_3334 AW1_2864 AW1_2922 AW1_3193 AW1_3204 AW1_3442 AW2_4874 AW2_5090 AW1_3619

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