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London Street Features, BMX and Spitting Water

I started off the day with shooting some London features. Management wants to put together a featured gallery of iconic images of London. I thought I had a pretty good collection going already  SEE PHOTOS HERE But I hit the streets to see what else I could find that screams London.

I just started walking down the street to see what I could find. Below some London postcards sit outside of a carryout store.

The famous fish and chips!

Then I found a street performer at Covent Gardens Market.

After I glanced at my watch I realized I had two hours to get back to my hotel grab the rest of my gear and get to BMX in time for a 3pm start. I arrived to the BMX track just in time. As soon as I walked out of the media room there where hundreds of photographers there to shoot. I was instantly annoyed with the access and the fact it was just time trials with one rider on the track at a time. So I did what I could. Here are some of my favorite images.


Once all the riders where done, I jetted out of their quick and had to get to the water polo arena for the USA men’s v vs Croatia semifinal game. This is my third water polo game and all of the images are starting to look the same!

Below a Croatian player pushes on Jesse Smith collarbone and he spits out water.

Croatia player Maro Jokovic (5) pushes USA player Tony Azevedo (8) under water during the fourth quarter during men’s quarterfinal game in the London 2012 Olympic Games at Water Polo Arena

USA players react after losing to Croatia.


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