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House Boats and BMX Crashes!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With 2 1/2 days left in London, I am ready to go home! I would be lying if I didn’t! I was assigned to an interesting assignment this morning, about people who live in House Boats that were kicked out of the canals around Olympic Park. Now, I am not sure why I get these kind of assignments but I think it’s a combination that I use to work for a newspaper and I can tell a good story through my pictures. Of course I am not gonna decline an assignment. I met with a USA Today writer who lives in London so we could head down to the canal area where the boats have been forced to move to.

House boats lined up on River Lee during the London 2012 Olympic Games. The boats where forced to move due to Olympic Park restrictions. If they wanted to stay inside of the new restriction zone, they would have to pay 350 pound fee on top of their canal membership.

Inside look of a house boat under construction.

Sarah Golden who lives in a house boat and was forced to move due to Olympic Park restrictions during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Once I was done at the canals I headed back to Olympic Park to prepare for the Men’s and Women’s BMX Finals. After being there the previous two days all I cared about today was crashes! I got what I asked for!

During one of the warm up runs a girl crashed super hard and was carried off in a stretcher.

As the event got later into the day there where some killer shadows going on in one of the turns as USA rider Connor Fields prepares for the final.

During one of the final semifinal runs Laetitia le Corguille crashes hard off the first jump.

Alise Post (USA) crashes during the women’s BMX semifinal.

Alise Post (8) rides past crashing Lauren Reynolds (21)

Then later Alise Post (USA) crashes in front of  Brooke Crain (USA) and Stefany Hernandez (469) on the final stretch of the course.

Alise Post crashes as teammate Brooke Crain rides right past her.

Alise just lays there in pain at the top of the jump.

She was quickly attended by medial staff and walk away on her own will.

Next onto the Men’s final.

Crashes make me happy so it was a good day! My next event is Cycling Mountain Bike Race in the middle of no where, which should make for some cool pictures!


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