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Hot Air Balloon Ride


Over the last two months I have been heavily focusing on aerial photography. I have done two helicopter rides getting different aerial photos of downtown Toledo and the surrounding areas. Over the last few months I have become good friends with Jake Tyler who is the head grounds keeper for the Toledo Mud Hens. And he mentioned he owned a hot air balloon, I have been bugging him over the last few weeks about getting me up to experience another ride in the sky.

On Sunday evening I met Jake and his wife Jessica at Ft. Meigs where I would help setup and document the process it takes from the getting the basket and balloon out of the trailer to flying in the sky. The process took about 20 min to get everything unpacked and all connected before we took off. It was a pretty amazing process to be able to help and document as it’s something that most people don’t get to see very day.

Please enjoy the images below. If you have questions about booking at hot air balloon ride please email me andrew (at) and I will put you in touch with Jake. Thanks!

Jake and his wife Jessica unload the basket from the trailer.

The balloon starts out in a giant bag, where it then has to be stretch out along the parking lot.

Jake works on getting all of the cables unraveled.

Jake instructs a few people who were interested in helping setup the balloon.


Pulling the balloon starts opening up the middle to allow the air to start flowing.

Inside look at the balloon.

Then a giant fan is used to pump regular air into the balloon for expansion.

The propane entering the center of the balloon.

We also had another balloon take off with us.

As we were taking off a bunch of people had gathered around to watch.

Owner Jake Tyler enjoying the view from an altitude of 600

After traveling for over an 30 miles we landed in a camp ground.

Here are some random images I shot during the trip I thought were cool.

I hope you enjoyed! Now BOOK your ride today! Email me and I will put you in touch with Jake. andrew (at)

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