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Why Your Event Needs A Professional Photographer

Putting on an event is no simple task, and capturing that event efficiently can be even trickier. You have one opportunity to capture the unique experiential shots during the day of your event, and it’s crucial that you get that emotion-evoking photography to use, for a number of reasons. It can be crucial that you hire event professional photography.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks

Here, we are going to talk about some of the most critical pieces to the photography of throwing an event – the needs. Getting good pictures and sharing them on the web doesn’t cut it any more, it’s just not that simple. Professional photography plays a more vital role in your event than you’d think, and here’s why your event needs a professional photographer.

Engaging Your Guests

NCAA Field Hockey: Big Ten Championships-Michigan at Penn State

Each event has its own unique experience that your attendees will only get when they are present at the event. Capturing that moment isn’t as easy as it sounds. But when done successfully, you have just gifted your guests the fond remembrance of their attendance at your event.

Organic Marketing (Let The People Share)



The easiest way to make your guests feel special is to make them look special with professional photography. And when a photographer makes someone look special in 2016, we share that photo on social media. Allow your guests the opportunity to share your event, and share their experience, in the best light possible due to your event professional photography.

Planning Ahead – Your Next Event

Advertising Campaign for the Andersons Inc.

Advertising Campaign for the Andersons Inc.


Pure Barre Toledo Social Media Advertising

“A picture is worth 1,000 words” is an English idiom that still holds true today. Especially when describing events to potential guests or sponsors.

I’m sure you’ve run into the experience where someone has asked you to describe your event and you take a deep breath, prepare your elevator speech, and go. But you don’t have to do that anymore. You can simply show them.

Harrison Rally Days in Perrysburg, Ohio

Harrison Rally Days in Perrysburg, Ohio

Runners during the Fiver Miler in Pemberville run over Wendy's cups that were filled with water.

Pemberville Five Mile Run

West Toledo Library Grand Opening

West Toledo Library Grand Opening

2016 Dragon Boat Festival

2016 Dragon Boat Festival

With event professional photography, you can let the pictures and your guests do all the talking for you. Don’t just tell people about your event, literally show them. Granting them the opportunity to first handedly see what your event has to offer is no simple task, but with the right event professional photography you can accomplish this.

Professional photography at your event is so much more than images. There is an experience. A unique, emotionally driven experience for your guests. An experience that they can only get at your event – and you have one chance to capture that experience.

With the right professional photographer at your event, all of the above is possible. When you are looking for a photographer for your event, make sure to ask them what their experience with event photography has been. Make sure they are aware of your long-term strategy for the pictures. If done effectively, hiring a professional photographer for your event can make you lots of money.

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