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Documenting the Toledo Rockets

Some of my readers and followers may or may not know that I played football at the Univeristy of Toledo, I was the placekicker so being able to document the team like I have been able to this far in 2016 has been such an awesome experience.

I am trying to look at things just a little differently then most sports photographers on the sidelines. I love telling stories whether that be in person or via my photography. A picture truly is worth 1,000 words.

In the images below I have converted a few to black and white to show a little more emotion and the current mood the the image. Please let me know if you like that style by commenting below.

Thanks for looking!

aw1_2608 aw1_2746 aw1_2833 aw1_2885 aw1_2986 aw1_3307 aw1_3443 aw1_3491 aw1_3505 aw1_3577 aw1_3628 aw1_3664 aw1_3801 aw2_7925 aw2_8084 aw2_8103 aw2_8128 aw3_2077 aw3_2177 aw3_2382 aw3_2408 aw3_2427 aw3_2468 aw3_2559 aw3_2589 aw3_2594 aw3_2638 aw3_2653 aw3_2663 aw3_2675

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