Aerial view of the Great Blue Hole in Belize.

I just got back from a week long vacation in Belize. I was celebrating my 26th birthday with my wife Stacy. We have always wanted to travel there, so we cashed in our airline miles and away we went.

Belize is known for it’s crystal clear blue water, world class diving and snorkeling, rainforests, Mayan Ruins and the best part about Belize is the iconic Giant Blue Hole.

Belize is a place to go if you want to lay around and just relax and do some snorkeling. But I wanted to explore and experience some night life. We stayed on Ambergris Caye, which is the largest island where the resorts are located. Until last year Ambergris Caye didn’t even have a paved road. It was all dirt and gravel and even today a lot of the roads are still like that.

There isn’t much of a night life compared to other places like Cancun or Bahamas. But being able to wake up every morning and look out our balcony and see the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and Palm Trees along with the 85 degree weather, could make anyone happy.

Looking back on the trip, Belize is naturally beautiful, but seeing the uncivilized town of San Pedro where locals were living 10-15 people in a shack above a small fruit stand or restaurant next a a pile of rubble was a little bit of a turn off. But the locals were very friendly and always open to talk or answer your questions.

I hope you enjoy the photos from Belize.

To view more photos from Belize and to purchase them check out the link below.

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Exploring Boston, Aaron Hernandez and Portland Maine

Boston is one of the few major cities I have never been to. Following NHRA in Bristol I would be doing theΒ inauguralΒ NHRA New England Nationals in Epping, NH. So I turned my trip into a mini vacation to Boston. I had no idea where to stay or where to where to go. I booked a hotel at Copley Square where the Boston Bombing took place. It seemed like the best location Β for shopping, eating and sight seeing.

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Vacation: Day 6- GoPro Meets Alligator

After meeting Gator John over at Wootens, he invited Stacy and I over to Gator Adventures to watch him wrestle alligators. It’s actually not wresting its more of handling and training. I asked Gator John, if I could strap by GoPro Hero 3 to his head while he is handling them and he jumped at the opportunity! I figured it would add a unique angle.

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Vacation: Day 5

This is our fifth day in Marco Island and the weather has been absolute crap! It’s been in the 60s and rainy & cloudy 70% of the time. We have only laid out by the pool one day, so I have the weakest Florida tan ever!

Stacy and I bundled up and head out to the pier to do a little fishing! We were bored so we attached my Go Pro Hero 3 to end of a long stick so we could get photos of the fish we caught as we reeled them in!

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