Sparr Games: Master Thief

Last week Jacob Parr from Sparr Games reached out to me and asked if him and Jake could come down to the studio to shoot some new headshots and portraits for a new website they will be launching soon.

I met Jacob a few months ago at a StartUP Toledo event, where they were the guest speakers. Jacob and Jake are the creators of a unique card game called Master Thief. They developed a kickstarter campaign with the hope of raising $15,000,  instead they raised $47,321.

Check out their kickstarter page to view the game.

I will also be photographing their product photos for the final game in April, which I expect will be a lot of fun.

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Happy 179TH Birthday TOLEDO!

The city was founded on January 7th 1837, making it 179 years young. Over the last several years I have been documenting the city from a variety of different angles and vantage points for myself along with different clients.

I have seen downtown Toledo from a helicopter, from the middle of the Maumee River, the 280 Bridge, High Level Bridge, atop of buildings and from the ground looking up. Every angle is different and I wanted to share my favorite 12 images of Toledo I have photographed over the last several years.

If interested in purchasing any of these photographs please view the links below.

Buy Aerial Photographs

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2015 Dragon Boat Festival


The 2015 Dragon Boat Festival in Toledo, Ohio was over the weekend. I worked with the Partners in Education to document the event for them.

Partners In Education hosts the annual Dragon Boat Festival and race. Dragon Boat racing is a team water sport that is growing fast worldwide. The annual Toledo Dragon Boat Festival draws over 30 local businesses and organizations to participate with teams. Each team consists of a 25 person roster that includes 20 paddlers, 1 steersman, 1 drummer, and 3 alternates. The festival draws 700 paddle team participants, 100+ event volunteers, and 5,000 to 10,000 event spectators.

To view more photos from the race, please follow the link below.

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