Best of 2012-2013 Toledo Walleye Season

The Toledo Walleye are in the 2013 Kelly Cup Playoffs looking to bring home the cup, and I wanted to share some of my favorite images I have captured during the regular season!

I have been shooting professional for six years now, and I have never enjoyed shooting hockey. It’s usually hard to get around the arena, the photo holes suck, the lighting sucks, the list goes on and on. But having the opportunity to be the team photographer for the Toledo Walleye changed my perspective on hockey and pushed me to create images that people have never seen before.

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Week Long Time Lapse

From February 24th thru March 4th was the busiest week at The Huntington Center since it’s opened. I was talking with Mike McCall who is the Events Service Manager at the arena and he said the staff would be working extremely long hours to switch the arena from hockey to concerts back to hockey.

So I wanted to document this, but the I would actually be going on vacation. With the help of my friend Jeremy Allen we made this happen. On the 24th, we arrived at the arena to start setting up. I would be using a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

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