Toledo Museum of Art

Degas & the Dance


The Toledo Musuem of Art has been a client for over 5 years and I absolutely love working with the creative team there. They allow me to be as creative as I like and turn a simple project into a unique visual piece of art. The Degas & the Dance opens tomorrow at the Toledo Musuem of Art in the Canaday Gallery.

Here are some image I photographed for promotional material along with a instruction poster that will be displayed in the gallery.

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Portrait of Dick and Fran Anderson

Dick and Fran Anderson

A few months ago I spent the afternoon at the home of Dick and Fran Anderson shooting a portrait of them for the Toledo Museum of Art publication Art Matters. Dick and Fran have been huge supporters of the Toledo Museum of Art along with other local art.

The Andersons name is  pretty big name around Toledo and the grain and farming community. Dick Anderson is a family man and a farmer just as his father Harold Anderson was. Fran and Dick welcomed me into their home with open arms, they offered me coffee and wanted to know if I would like to stay for lunch.

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RedBall Project


Over the last 10 days, I have been working for the Toledo Musuem of Art documenting the RedBall Project. The performance-based installation by artist Kurt Perschke is based around a 15-foot-tall red ball that weighs in at 250 lbs and is squeezed into interesting and unique places in cities around the world. It was in Toledo as part of the Play Time exhibit, which is encouraging people to enjoy the benefits of play as an important part of boosting creativity.

The RedBall Project has been to 23 cities across the world. Some of the more notable cities are: Paris, Taipei, Sydney, Barcelona, Abu Dhabi and Perth. You can find a full list of all the cities it has been to and more information at

Kurt Perschke was awesome to work with and I wish him best of luck as he travels to Marseille, France.

Here are my favorite images from the last 10 days.

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PlayTime at Toledo Musuem of Art


When was the last time you went outside and played? The contemporary show Play Time poses a serious question about a seemingly unserious topic: Is play—the spontaneous, unstructured time found to foster creativity and problem-solving skills—strictly for kids?

“As we grow up we tend to trivialize play and relegate it to childhood, but it’s an important element of life that we wanted to explore in this exhibition,” said Halona Norton-Westbrook, the Museum’s Mellon fellow and associate curator of contemporary art. “This show is not only about play in the traditional sense, but also the idea of being in the moment, of inspiring wonder, of invoking your natural curiosity.”

Here are some favorite images from the Play Time exhibit at the Toledo Musuem of Art. If you haven’t seen it, please go check it out. My images don’t do justice with how much fun you can actually have!

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World Famous Glass Blower: Lino Tagliapietra


Italian master glassblower Lino Tagliapietra has spent his 70-year career creating magnificent glass works, raising the international standards of glass craftsmanship in the process. The Maestro was in residence at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Studio from May 2 to 10, showcasing his technical expertise and glass craftsmanship to sold out crowds.

I got the opportunity to photograph Lino working in the Toledo Musuem of Art Glass Studio making some beautiful piece of glass. He makes it looks so easy, as he is molding play dough.

Getting the opportunity to work with the Toledo Musuem is amazing I get to spend time with internationally known artists and get photography and amazing exhibits. I am super excited to photograph Play Time which opens on May 22nd.

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Werner Pfeiffer for Toledo Musuem of Art


Werner Pfeiffer (pronounced Verner) is a book artist, he writes and builds 3D books. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him getting some detailed view of his book and his as he works alot of his hands building the books.

Watch this video to see how detailed his books are.

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Manet at Toledo Musuem of Art

The Toledo Musuem of Art is currently showing off the acclaimed French artist Edouard Manet, sometimes referred to as “the father of Impressionism.”

The exhibition is co-organized by TMA and the Royal Academy of Arts, London, where the show will open in late January after its run in the U.S.

A contemporary of the Impressionists, Manet (1832–1883) was the most stylish of the 19th–century French painters and a major recorder of Parisian life at that time. The exhibition is the first in depth examination of his considerable talents as a portraitist. Manet painted his family, friends and the literary, political and artistic figures of his day, often in casual settings rather than traditionally posed portraits. His subjects come to life on canvas, making the viewer curious to know more about these people and their lives.

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Color Ignited

Last week I got the opportunity to photograph the Color Ignited gallery at the Toledo Museum of Art which show cases glass artwork created  from 1962-2012. Toledo has a large glass presence with large corporations like, Owens Corning and Libbey Glass. Toledo is known as the “Glass City.” The gallery opening worked in conjunction with the 2012 Glass Art Society Conference that is being held in Toledo for the 50th anniversary of studio glass.

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