Indigenous Beauty at Toledo Musuem of Art

Indigenous Beauty at The Toledo Museum of Art is a Native American art collection which is personally owned by Charles and Valerie Diker. It features 120 masterworks representing cultures across the North American continent.

The images below show the layout of the Canaday Gallery, the gallery was beautifully layout to make the artwork really pop off the walls.

Also David W. Penney joined Charles and Valerie Diker and Director Brian Kennedy for a chat in the Peristyle about the artwork.

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Hardcore Detroit at Toledo Musuem of Art

The performance group Hardcore Detroit a break dancing group of of the Motor City performed in the Great Gallery at the Toledo Musuem of Art to a standing room only crowd.  The group performed a wide variety of hip-hop dances from the 60s through now. The performance ended with a dance off with people in the crowd.

Please enjoy the photos.

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Great Escape at Toledo Museum of Art

The Great Art Escape is a holiday tradition at the Toledo Museum of Art, where a number of special programs are planned. The goal is to bring family and friends to the museum to view, explore and share there love for art.

I was photographing a variety of different events or marketing and social media material. Here are my favorite images.

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Toledo Museum Food Photography

2016 is off to an awesome year even though its only 6 days in. But when I work on 3 pretty fun projects right out of the gate it makes for a great start. As I have said in the past, I do a lot of work for the Toledo Musuem of Art. This is actually my 9th year doing work for them. Crazy how time passes. Any way I was to photography the new food menu for the cafeteria which will be launching in March of 2016. Shoot food is fun yet challenging. the lighting has to be just right and the stylist has to prep and arrange the food to make it look appetizing for viewings to want to eat.

Here are my sample of some of my photos.

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Degas & the Dance


The Toledo Musuem of Art has been a client for over 5 years and I absolutely love working with the creative team there. They allow me to be as creative as I like and turn a simple project into a unique visual piece of art. The Degas & the Dance opens tomorrow at the Toledo Musuem of Art in the Canaday Gallery.

Here are some image I photographed for promotional material along with a instruction poster that will be displayed in the gallery.

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Portrait of Dick and Fran Anderson

Dick and Fran Anderson

A few months ago I spent the afternoon at the home of Dick and Fran Anderson shooting a portrait of them for the Toledo Museum of Art publication Art Matters. Dick and Fran have been huge supporters of the Toledo Museum of Art along with other local art.

The Andersons name is  pretty big name around Toledo and the grain and farming community. Dick Anderson is a family man and a farmer just as his father Harold Anderson was. Fran and Dick welcomed me into their home with open arms, they offered me coffee and wanted to know if I would like to stay for lunch.

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