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You may or may not know this, but On September 23 Snapchat changed it’s name to Snap Inc. and introduced Spectacles. Spectacles, are a pair of sunglasses with a built in camera that records 10-second snippets of video, and posts directly to your Snapchat Story.

Now, you may be wondering – what is Snapchat and why is it such a big deal? Snapchat is a social network messaging app that took off as a tool for disappearing photos. It now has 150 million active daily users globally.

Google had a similar concept as Snapchat called Google Glass which retailed for $1,200 and was officially retired in January of 2015.

Snapchat or Snap Inc. is trying to win over its younger demographic of 13-34 years old with the $130 pair of Spectacles. The CEO Evan Speigel calls the video-sharing sunglasses “a toy” but sees an upside to freeing his app from smartphone cameras.

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I have been working with the awesome guys over at Sparr Games, Jake and Jacob over the last several months to help them develop some imagery for their extremely successful Kickstarter Campaign. They were looking for a pledge of $15,000 but ended up raising $47,000. Which in turn is now the must successful Kickstarter project Toledo has ever seen .

Below are some of the product photos for some upcoming marketing material to be used to update backers and used for website.

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