2014 Zombie Portraits


For the second year in a row I worked with the awesome guys at to create dynamic portraits during the Adams Street Zombie Crawl . Each year a week prior to Halloween the Uptown Association has a Zombie Crawl where everyone gets Zombified.

I setup lights in the street and people come get their portrait taken. The images below are the best Zombies from the night. Some of them are super creepy. I hope you enjoy!

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Hot Air Ballooning over Toledo

Another post from a hot air balloon, friend Jake Tyler recently got a new balloon so my self and my fiancé Stacy went for a ride Saturday morning. I am usually a fan of doing aerial photography around sunset but during sunrise gave me a whole new appreciation for early morning photos!

This is from Stacy (someone who hates flying)

“If you’ve ever been hesitant about going up in a hot air balloon, you shouldn’t be worried! It’s nothing like you think it is ! So smooth, you feel like your floating, and you never feel like your descending! It’s amazing!”

Enjoy the photos!


Frostee the Rapper

Back in May I flew down to Birmingham, Alabama to do a shoot with a buddy of mine who is an aspiring rapper. Prior to me coming down he made a list of all the locations to shoot at. The album is called “White Street” which is located in Auburn where Justin went to school and he got the inspiration for making the mix tape. It was awesome to get out of my comfort zone of shooting sports and work in my portrait work.

Give him a follow in twitter:

Here is a link to his mix tape:

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Hot Air Balloon Ride


Over the last two months I have been heavily focusing on aerial photography. I have done two helicopter rides getting different aerial photos of downtown Toledo and the surrounding areas. Over the last few months I have become good friends with Jake Tyler who is the head grounds keeper for the Toledo Mud Hens. And he mentioned he owned a hot air balloon, I have been bugging him over the last few weeks about getting me up to experience another ride in the sky.

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Not So Sunny California to the Windy City

People think I have the greatest job in the world. Getting paid to travel all over the country to photograph sporting events. Little do people know that I usually spend so much time at the stadium I don’t have time to check out the city or the night life, so when I get a chance to go on an actual vacation its the best feeling ever!

I don’t spend a lot of time in Southern California, but my girlfriend Stacy DeBruyne had a conference in Santa Monica, so I decided to tag a long and check out Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier along with what ever else I could find.

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Inside My Bag

When you spend most of the year traveling all over the country, covering a wide variety of sporting events, getting your gear from venue to venue safely is extremely important. My Think Tank roller is my primary roller, fitting easily into most overhead carry-on bins when I fly. When I’m driving to events, I use my Lowe Pro Roller as a secondary bag to carry extra lenses and gear for remotes. Finally, I have an Ogio backpack that keeps my laptop, memory cards, card readers, and cords safe. Read more »


Andrew Weber is a professional editorial and commercial photographer based in Toledo, Ohio. He has covered the 2012 London Olympics, Super Bowls, Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500 and hundreds of NFL and NCAA Football games. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, USA Today and many other publications world wide. Andrew also works with Fortune 500 companies Andersons Inc, Home Depot and Verizon Wireless.