2012 Olympics By the Numbers

The 2012 London Olympic games have been put to rest! I am back in the states resting for a few days before I head to Brainerd Minnesota to shoot NHRA. Some people will call me crazy only having two days off after covering the the longest sporting event in the world, but being young has it’s advantages!

In this post I am going to break down covering the Olympics by the numbers so everyone gets a little taste of the long 2 1/2 week grind a photographer goes through!

Day in London: 22
Images shot: 59,505
Images filed: 1,380
Avg hours of sleep/night: 5
Double Decker Buses rode: 65
Underground: 15+
Miles walked: 185
Gold Medals Shot: 6
USA Gold Medals: 3
McDonald’s meals eaten: 3
Meals I hate and thew away: 8+
Warm beers drank: 1
Best meal of the trip: Starbucks
Press pins exchanged: 8

That wraps up my 2012 Olympic experience, I have everyone enjoyed my posts during the games and be sure to follow my blog through football season as I attempted to shoot a total of 50 football games between college and NFL.






Final Two Olympic Shoots

My 2012 Olympic Experience is coming to an end! With two final shoots left I wanted to end strong. I was schedule to shoot the Women’s Mountain Bike race on Saturday and the Men’s on Sunday. I was super excited for this assignment as it would allow me to use my creativity to my fullest! The course allowed me to wander around and find some very unique angles.

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House Boats and BMX Crashes!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With 2 1/2 days left in London, I am ready to go home! I would be lying if I didn’t! I was assigned to an interesting assignment this morning, about people who live in House Boats that were kicked out of the canals around Olympic Park. Now, I am not sure why I get these kind of assignments but I think it’s a combination that I use to work for a newspaper and I can tell a good story through my pictures. Of course I am not gonna decline an assignment. I met with a USA Today writer who lives in London so we could head down to the canal area where the boats have been forced to move to.

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More BMX and Water Polo

After a failed shoot at BMX the day before, I had to go back and give it another go. As much as I enjoy shooting motor sports I figured this would Β be the closest thing. BMX had multiply riders on the track which helped a lot. I got sick of all the shitty angles we were allowed to shoot from and dealing with the hundreds of photographers so I head to the top of the grandstand just like NASCAR! It allows me to see all the action on the track with super clean backgrounds.

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Blurs and Tilt-Shifts

I have been in London for twenty days now and my creativity has hit a wall, just when I think I have gotten a good night sleep I fall a sleep on the bus on the way to my next assignment. August 7th was a grind. I had another three shoots in three different venues. Luckily they were all inside of Olympic Park this time which helped.

I started out the day by shooting Brazil vs Norway women’s handball. My editor kept telling me how awesome of a sport it is to shoot. He assigned me to shoot a match just to make some artsy pictures. When I arrived at the venue I was fascinated with the sport. It was a combination between soccer, hockey and basketball. Two of the three sports I absolutely hate shooting but it made for some interesting pictures.

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