Super Bowl 50

For the past 49 Super Bowls they have been using roman numerals. The 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco would be a little different this year. They switched from using roman numeral L to using 50, which is a much better fit for branding. Another funky thing about this years Super Bowl is that everyone was saying it was in San Francisco, which actually isn’t true. The game is actually being played in Santa Clara, CA about an hour south of downtown San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco photographing a few different assignments for a my commercial clients. I didn’t photograph the game this year and I am perfectly ok with that. I worked on creating some features around the city to be used on social media and photographed a few different events.

Here are my favorite images from the weekend. Sometimes wandering around the city trying to create something unique and dynamic is just as rewarding as photographing the game winning touchdown.

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Making of Super Bowl 50 Wilson NFL Football

While everyone football fan in the country was glued into the front of their television watching the Denver Broncos vs the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers, I was in Ada, Ohio home of the Wilson Football Factory.

I was documenting the Super Bowl 50 Pizza Party, which is where half a dozen workers gather around a television watch the games to determine whose name will be stamped onto the Super Bowl 50 “The Duke” Wilson Football.

I was on assignment for Wilson Football to document the first ball being made, to be pushed out via social media and other news publications for the world to see!

Even though I have been to the Wilson Football Factory four times this year, it still amazes me how they are made by hand to be used by every NFL team.

Here are my favorite images.

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the “HAIL MARY”…..

The Rodgers to Rodgers Hail Mary is talked about as the greatest walk-off winner in NFL history. Aaron Rodgers was on his own 21 yard line and chucked the ball into the end zone as time expired in hope that the ball would be caught for a touchdown. Richard Rodgers caught the ball to win the game for the Green Bay Packers. They defeated the Detroit Lions on what might be the greatest pass In NFL history.

Here are my favorite images from the game.

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Photographing an NFL Game With iPhone 6s Plus


I was on assignment for tech blog Gotta Be Mobile for Sunday Night Football game in Detroit to find out how good the camera is on the iPhone 6s Plus. I left my big DSLRs behind and captured the Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions game with just the iPhone 6s Plus rather than the $12,000 camera and lens kit that I normally carries to NFL games.

Here’s a look at what the iPhone 6s Plus camera can do in a relatively dark setting where subjects are not standings still and waiting for me to press the shutter.

Being able to carry a 12 megapixel camera in my pocket is extremely impressive technology. Once I arrived at Ford Field to photograph the Denver Broncos at Detroit Lions I got to work creating feature images outside of the stadium to show the dynamic range the camera could capture with the cool clouds in the sky.

Read the rest of the article at the link below.

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