Johnny Football in Cleveland

NFL: Cleveland Browns-OTA

Johnny Football is the only freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and the only player in NCAA history to have 5,000 total yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a season and set the SEC record with 5,116 yards of total offense. NFL analysis projected him to be the first quarterback picked in the 2014 NFL draft, but he fell to the 22nd pick being drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

I personally like Manziel’s type of play, it’s something different the NFL hasn’t seen. With this being such a big story in the media I got the opportunity to spend 25 minutes at Browns OTA to knock off as many photos as I could to be used for articles over the next few months.

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AFC Divisional: Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

NFL: Divisional Round-Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots

The NFL Playoff tour continued for me, this time I traveled to Foxborough, MA to cover the 2013 Divisional round between the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots. I was pretty excited to cover this game after shooting the Chiefs vs Colts game the previous weekend. The only part I wasn’t looking forward to was the fact, it was going to rain the entire game. Usually when it rains is the only time, I use lens hoods for my cameras. When I went to the Olympics in London last summer, I left my lens hood for my Nikon 400mm in the hotel after frantically packing last second.

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AFC Wild Card: San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals

NFL: AFC Wildcard Playoff-San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals


After the amazing comeback by the Indianapolis Colts against the Kansas City Chiefs, I made the short 99 mile drive from Indianapolis to Cincinnati. The whole week they were predicting crazy amounts of snow, which I was hoping was actually going to happen this time as I haven’t shot a game in the snow all year. Surprise!!! NO SNOW! Instead we got heavy rain for the second half of the game. Enough about the annoying weather on with the photos.

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Colts defeat the Chiefs 45-44

NFL: AFC Wildcard Playoff-Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

The NFL playoffs are finally here and unlike college football where you have to be #1 and #2 to make it to the National Championship, in the NFL you have be in to win and the Colts made a statement against the Kansas City Chiefs overcoming a 28 point deficit to win.

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Bengals end the Ravens playoff chance

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals


Week 17 of the NFL and playoffs and the Baltimore Ravens were in a win and your “in” situation. The Super Bowl champions from last year won’t be making it to the playoffs. The Bengals brought their defense and put a pounding to Joe Flacco.

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New York Giants at Detroit Lions

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit Lions


Week 16 in the NFL and the Detroit Lions playoff hopes came to a close, the 23-20 lose to the New York Giants in overtime by a Josh Brown Field goal. The Lions who were once first in their division finish the season with a losing record.

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Justin Tucker kicks a 61 yard field goal to beat the Lions

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions


Going into my 7th football game, I was having high hopes that this game was going to be a high scoring battle. But it came down to the kicker. Being a place kicker my self, it’s always good to see a a fellow kicker score all the points. It’s even better when you can document a special moment in a friends life. I use to kick with Justin when we were both in college down in Abingdon, VA with our kicking coach Doug Blevins. Enjoy!

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Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears

Monday Night Football in Chicago, where the temperature was in the negatives. I knew it was going to be cold but I didn’t let that stop me. I bundled up and went to work! The game went buy so quick I barley remember it, thankfully I have photos!

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Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals

After the Big 10 Championship I made the drive from Indianapolis to Cincinnati to shoot the Colts vs Bengals game. Upon waking up it was heavily snowing and in my head I was this is going to be an awesome game. As soon as I arrived at the stadium it stopped and didn’t ever start showing again.

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Jacksonville Jaguars take advantage of Browns mistakes

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns

Week 13 of the NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars were 2-9 going into the game and the took full advantage of the Browns mistakes. Good thing about the game, I got to see a few old friends, wide receiver Jeremy Ebert, who I played travel baseball with when I was younger and tight end Danny Noble who I played football with at Toledo.

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Andrew Weber is a professional sports photographer based in Toledo, OH. He was a place kicker for The University of Toledo football team for four years. Andrew's primary focus is capturing important events on film. He was a staff photographer for the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune covering a wide variety of events ranging from high school athletics and late-breaking stories to local county fairs.