Actual Coffee

Actual Coffee

Back in February of 2012, I was introduced to Lance Roper, owner of Actual Coffee. Since meeting Lance I have had a unique opportunity to learn way more then I should ever know about coffee and been able to experience the process of roasting a coffee bean.

When I first met Lance, he was running a Kickstarter Campaign to raise $15,000 to purchase a new coffee roaster to be able to roast more beans with a quicker roasting time. Lance was 100% successful at raising the funds getting $16,000 to purchase the new roaster.

So over the last year or so Lance has taught me that Starbucks is the worst coffee ever, and I will have to agree with him. It tastes very burnt! Also when you hold coffee beans in your hand they should never leave an oily residue and the most important part of roasting the perfect cup of coffee it should take 2 minutes at 45 seconds for a 12oz cup. There has been alot of other things I have learned along the way but you will have to reach out to Lance (lance@actualcoffee.com) for further information.

So I shot some product photos to be used for some new marketing and social media in 2014 to help consumers become more aware of coffee consumption.

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2012 Chicago Pride Parade

NOTE: These images are not suitable for work or viewing in public.

After spending six days in Chicago shooting the 2012 Fencing World Cup, I was preparing to leave for Omaha’s  2012 USA Olympic Swimming Trial. But before making the 400 odd some mile trip, I decided to hit Chicago’s Pride Parade I had been hearing about all week long. A few Google searches later I saw numerous pictures from Pride Parades world wide, and they were very scandalous! So I knew I would have to experience it for myself.

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