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The Biggest Week in American Birding is right here in Northwest, Ohio. An estimated 80,000 bird watches flock to the area for 10 days when the migratory songbirds stop near the shores of Lake Erie before continuing north.

Having the chance to see some of the most rare and colorful birds right in my backyard is something I couldn’t pass up. I headed out to Magee Marsh and walked the boardwalk with the rest of the birders to see Yellow Warbles, Screech Owls and may other rare birds.

I also made a stop at the Toledo Zoo to check out their “Keet Retreat where you can feed parakeets for a $1. Also saw some other active animals and birds as well.

I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait for birding in May 2016.

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Every year thousands of walleye make their way up the Maumee River into Lake Erie. Many of you might not know this but, a walleye is one of the most sought after game fish in North America.  Walleye, makes its annual spawning run over the flat limestone of the Maumee River. These fish spend the majority of their lives eating and growing in Lake Erie, but each year as the snow melts and the days get longer, fish pulse up the river in staggering numbers.

Fisherman flock to the banks of the Maumee River hoping to catch the prized fish. The daily limit is 4 per day per fisherman.

Over the last week I have been working on capturing images of the Walleye run. Thanks to all of the fisherman that allowed me to photograph them and special thanks to Coe McKinley to doing a little modeling work last night as we shot some portraits.

Thanks and hope you enjoy the images.

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I have recently being doing a lot of work for Metroparks Toledo Area, shooting features of different parks, capturing programs that aren’t very well known for promotional purposes. I get to see the behind the scenes of how the Metroparks are run on a day to day basis by staff and volunteers.

A couple of times a month the Metroparks hold a photography workshop; all the public a chance to get up close and personal with nature animals.

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