2012 Chicago Pride Parade

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After spending six days in Chicago shooting the 2012 Fencing World Cup, I was preparing to leave for Omaha’s Β 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Trial. But before making the 400 odd some mile trip, I decided to hit Chicago’s Pride Parade I had been hearing about all week long. A few Google searches later I saw numerous pictures from Pride Parades world wide, and they were very scandalous! So I knew I would have to experience it for myself.

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World Cup Fencing

While I was in Chicago my assignment editor emailed me and asked if I would be interested in shooting the World Cup Fencing at Navy Pier. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! I figured it would be good practice before I head to London, where I will be covering the Olympics. My lack of any previous knowledge left me to assume the World Cup of Fencing would have the super dramatic all black background where you just expose for the whites and go to town. When I arrived I was quickly disappointed, I was forced to shoot in lighting that reminded my of my high school gym class.

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Sights and Sounds of

I consider Chicago my second home. Since coming here on vacations with my parents when I was younger, I have always been consumed by the lights, noises, and outstanding archtecture. Now that I travel all around the country I have the ability to see what different cities have to offer, and what things they lack. Out of all the cities I have been to in the past few years, Chicago is pretty much the perfect city. Each neighborhood prides itself on its unique shopping and restaurants, and it makes me appreciate the history of this beautiful city. During my last visit it is safe to say that Chicago is a great place, and I appreciate the hospitality I receive every time I come back for a visit.

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