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Best of 2012-2013 Toledo Walleye Season

The Toledo Walleye are in the 2013 Kelly Cup Playoffs looking to bring home the cup, and I wanted to share some of my favorite images I have captured during the regular season!

I have been shooting professional for six years now, and I have never enjoyed shooting hockey. It’s usually hard to get around the arena, the photo holes suck, the lighting sucks, the list goes on and on. But having the opportunity to be the team photographer for the Toledo Walleye changed my perspective on hockey and pushed me to create images that people have never seen before.

I covered half of the home games. I was in charge of shooting everything and anything, capturing the experience of the arena for fans of all ages. Some games I would never shoot a frame of action, I spent the entire time making images for the marketing department to use in brochures and flyers to help sell suites for next season. This is something I have never done before and I will say it was a challenge, but looking back at it, its has help change my vision and attitude for making pictures. 

Some games, I would spend shooting only fans cheering, watching and enjoying the game. Boring yes, but I learned and viewed first peson that humans are a creature of habit. Instead of firing of 20 frames I would watch for a few minutes to see if they did the same thing twice and they  did. Then I would wait, fire off the perfect frame and move on to the next group of fans.

Others, I would hang out in the locker room with the players showing how they prepare for games. Taping sticks, getting treatment in the training room and goofing around with each other. Being able to build the trust and relationship is something that I have always cherished. It allowed me to make pictures that wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t trust me.

The last five months have been amazing and extremely hard but looking back I produced some amazing images!

A special thanks to everyone helped me create these images.

Mike McCall
Jesus Rivera
Mike King
Paul Fretti
Nick Waclawski
Kate Schmoekel
Dan  Royer
Will Mellon
Kyrsten Kachmarik
Anthony Bellino
Bobb Vergiels
Mark Haszto
John Anderson
Logan Strack
Scott McGorty
Tyler Clark
Sarah Brenner
Nicole Foster
Sara Hudson
Ruth Gamber
Bob Middleton
Joe Napoli
Kim McBroom
Andi Roman
Mike Keedy
Cheri Pastula
Emily Croll
Greg Setola
Stephanie Miller
Brad Fredrick
Dave Aleo
Aaron Ferrante 

Enjoy the pictures!

If you would like to view more photos from the season here is the link.

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