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All-Access: Toledo Rocket Football

I have been home from London for a day and a half and I was itching to shoot again. After texting my buddy who is the equipment manager for the football team where I use to be a kicker and he telling me it was their last two-a-day practice on Wednesday, I knew it would be a good opportunity to shoot!

Before I left for London I met with newly appointed head coach Matt Campbell, who was on staff when I was a kicker at Toledo. He had always supported my work and my work ethic, so I pitched him an idea about doing an all-access photo blog of the 2012 camp. Where potential recruits and fans could log on everyday and view pictures. Obviously going to London, I didn’t get a chance to do that so I am going to try and make up for lost time and hit up a few practice when I am home to make some really good images. Show what goes on during camp and practice that the public might not be able to see!

The first practice started at 8:30 am, I arrived around 7:30 to shoot the shit with all of my old coaches I hadn’t seen since  going to London! It’s always good to see Tom Manning, Jason Candle, Izzy, Rasheed, Ayeni and the rest of the coaching staff! All though best part of the morning was seeing old friends who I use to play with! Shout out to David Pasquale, Jimmy Davidson, Jared Strait, Mark Singer, Ethan Kagey, Dan Molls, AJ Linderman, Austin Danton, T.O. Owens, Vince Penza, Matt Wall the awesome equipment staff Brandon Norris, Austin Talmon, Jeremy Boyd who all welcomed me back with open arms! I miss all of you guys!

Started practice #1

Quarterback Austin Dantin stretches prior to the start of practice.

Robert Bell stretches prior to the start of practice.

After the team is done stretching the do round up. Which is when the team circles up and one offensive player goes one on one with a defensive player.

Head Coach Matt Campbell calls out the players.

Once practice was started I made my way around to different position grounds for a while. First stop was the quarterbacks.

Freshman quarterback Ryan Gannon throws a pass.

Terrance Owens works on his football stepping over agile bags.

Next was on to the wide receivers where they were working on a secure ball drill.

Walking around I saw a Toledo football laying on the field.

Offensive lineman Robert Lisowski works rope slams.

The worked on some team situation drills.

Then they kicked a field goal to end practice.. at least I thought.

Then all of the sudden it turned into a giant water balloon fight. Coach Campbell with a super soaker.

Then a player grabbed coach to prepare him for the gatorade bath!

At the end of practice tightend Jared Strait takes an ice bath.

It’s was off to the dorm to have lunch!

To start off the second practice of the day there was a cool cloud of the stadium as the players stretched.

I decided to go in a little hard in the second session. So I put my camera right in front of the long snapper and he was blocker the defenders.

Next up with Vince Penza punting.

The wide receiver where working on some route running.

Then I started to get some killer light to create some interesting silhouettes.

Then I went right in the huddle as the plays where being singled in from the sidelines.

That wraps up a cool day hanging out with the team and getting back into the football groove! Again I can’t thank the staff for everything! Good luck to the Rockets this season and if you see me on the sidelines at a game don’t be afraid to say hi!

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