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Little less than a month ago, Snapchat launched On-Demand Geofilters. It allows people and businesses to create and purchase custom Geofilters for a house party, wedding, a coffee shop or a campus wide-event. It also allows advertisers to run an event specific advertisement in a specific area. This is going to change the way advertisers reach a specific audience in 2016.

On St. Patricks Day, I put the Snapchat Custom Geofilters to the test. I created a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Geofilter Sponsored by Andrew Weber Photography. I used these in two specific areas in downtown Toledo, where large amounts of people were going to parties.

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It’s March 3, 2016 and I just got home from a three day vacation in Miami Beach, Florida. Three months into 2016 and I was ready for a vacation, most people read this go “dude, I won’t even be able to take a vacation this year.” My response, “I feel bad for you.”

While most of the country’s brightest and most ambitious people are struggling to relax and recharge. I am the complete opposite. If you live for the weekends and once-a-year vacations, you’re doing it wrong. I am always on vacation, well not actually but in my mind. I know how to relax and forget about work. Sometimes.. I do have sleepless nights from time to time when I have a huge list of unpaid invoices and no work schedule for next week. But when I relax, take a deep breath, everything seems to work it self out.

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