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Last week Jacob Parr from Sparr Games reached out to me and asked if him and Jake could come down to the studio to shoot some new headshots and portraits for a new website they will be launching soon.

I met Jacob a few months ago at a StartUP Toledo event, where they were the guest speakers. Jacob and Jake are the creators of a unique card game called Master Thief. They developed a kickstarter campaign with the hope of raising $15,000,  instead they raised $47,321.

Check out their kickstarter page to view the game.

I will also be photographing their product photos for the final game in April, which I expect will be a lot of fun.

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Since opening up my studio in downtown Toledo it’s been booked just about the entire month of February. I have done a food shoot, personal branding and tons of corporate headshots.

I am taking one foot out of the sports world for a while in 2016 to focus myself more on commercial work. I am not leaving sports all together, but I won’t be actively looking and pursing sports assignments.

With that being said, I would like to share some sample portraits I have been working on over the last few weeks.

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Every Thursday for the rest of the year, I will doing a Twitter Q & A. Where people can tweet me questions and I will answer them. I want to share my stories and experiences and interact more on social media with fans to help educate them on photography.

Thanks to everyone who participated, be sure to follow these people!


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Over the last few years, imagery has become an important aspect of our daily lives. It’s rare to go a day without it, as most of people carry a camera right in their pocket. With the technology
and quality of cameras being jammed inside of our smartphones, it’s turning the professional photography world upside down.

The iPhone camera is the most popular camera of all images uploaded to Flickr with an astonishing 42% of all photos.

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Indigenous Beauty at The Toledo Museum of Art is a Native American art collection which is personally owned by Charles and Valerie Diker. It features 120 masterworks representing cultures across the North American continent.

The images below show the layout of the Canaday Gallery, the gallery was beautifully layout to make the artwork really pop off the walls.

Also David W. Penney joined Charles and Valerie Diker and Director Brian Kennedy for a chat in the Peristyle about the artwork.

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A few weeks ago, I was hired by Oasis Restaurants to photograph a few items on their menu for some marketing material. Photography is one of the interesting type of photography I have ever done. It’s very fun to play around with food all day, but it’s also very challenging to get the food to look fresh.

Below are a few behind the scenes photos and some of my favorite items.

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For the past 49 Super Bowls they have been using roman numerals. The 2016 Super Bowl in San Francisco would be a little different this year. They switched from using roman numeral L to using 50, which is a much better fit for branding. Another funky thing about this years Super Bowl is that everyone was saying it was in San Francisco, which actually isn’t true. The game is actually being played in Santa Clara, CA about an hour south of downtown San Francisco.

I was in San Francisco photographing a few different assignments for a my commercial clients. I didn’t photograph the game this year and I am perfectly ok with that. I worked on creating some features around the city to be used on social media and photographed a few different events.

Here are my favorite images from the weekend. Sometimes wandering around the city trying to create something unique and dynamic is just as rewarding as photographing the game winning touchdown.

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This is to you, my amazing beautiful wife. 2016 is off to the best year yet and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. January felt like a whirlwind but as I am looking back, it was just the opposite. It was a jam packed worked week with my weekends off spending time with you.

I am so happy and proud that you are pursuing your fashion blog. It makes me even happier that I am the amazing photographer husband to gets to take the photographs. But the best part is, I get to look at the photographs from time to time and reflect on just how much you mean to me.

The support you give me day in and day out is truly special. The way you understand how this crazy photography world works and how running your own business isn’t as easy as it seems on paper! And when I came home with the crazy idea of getting a photo studio downtown, you were right on board with me!

So Thank you! I’m more in love with you today than I was yesterday!

PS: These are the photos that I have saved that I look back at and go… Damn your smoking hot! :)

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I have been helping my long time friend Jenna Lento work on her personal brand through imagery to help push on social media. Jenna is a personal health coach, working with every day people to help guide them into healthy lifestyle habits.

Jenna and I went to the University of Toledo together, and didn’t stay in contact after graduation, fast forward five years we reconnected and starting working together on a few different projects.

We did a photoshoot last week to create some nice airy and vivid photography of some simple fruits and green smoothies to share on social media. It doesn’t matter what your brand is or if it’s big or small. Excellent photography will take your brand from average to above average.

Here are some sample images.

If you or your brand is interested in working with me please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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