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The performance group Hardcore Detroit a break dancing group of of the Motor City performed in the Great Gallery at the Toledo Musuem of Art to a standing room only crowd.  The group performed a wide variety of hip-hop dances from the 60s through now. The performance ended with a dance off with people in the crowd.

Please enjoy the photos.

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While everyone football fan in the country was glued into the front of their television watching the Denver Broncos vs the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals vs the Carolina Panthers, I was in Ada, Ohio home of the Wilson Football Factory.

I was documenting the Super Bowl 50 Pizza Party, which is where half a dozen workers gather around a television watch the games to determine whose name will be stamped onto the Super Bowl 50 “The Duke” Wilson Football.

I was on assignment for Wilson Football to document the first ball being made, to be pushed out via social media and other news publications for the world to see!

Even though I have been to the Wilson Football Factory four times this year, it still amazes me how they are made by hand to be used by every NFL team.

Here are my favorite images.

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I got the opportunity to shoot a portrait of Ben Ewy. Ben is from Ann Arbor attend the Univeristy of Michigan and later lived in New York for several years working for large brands such as New Era, Nautica, and now Carhartt. He was at the Toledo Musuem of Art to speak about the history of sneakers and how innovation pushes fashion forward. Ben was an excellent speaker and great to photograph.

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The Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium draws thousands of visitors each year to see the lights from the ground. But very few get an aerial view of the millions of lights that are installed for months in preparation.

I photographed the Lights Before Christmas from a helicopter to give a very unique vantage point.

I hope you enjoy the photographs. If you are interested in purchasing prints or digital rights to these images please contact me.

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As we start 2016, it’s a common reflect on 2015 and to look forward to making 2016 the best year yet. Your 2016 should start off early and fast, if you want to make those six figures, land that dream job, give more of your time to charity, or whatever your goals may be.

Here’s ten rituals to start your year off right:

  1. Wake up early: You don’t have to start waking up at 6am everyday of the week. Start scaling your alarm back by 30 min each day until you reach a comfortable wakeup time.
  2. Drink water: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wakeup. After 6–10 hours without any liquid, you need to rehydrate and wake yourself up. Drinking water is a great way to kickstart your metabolism, especially when it’s ice cold.
  3. Affirm and review your goals and plan for the day: The New Year brings many resolutions, and along with those resolutions typically comes disappointment. Studies have shown that many who set these resolutions, also known as goals, never review them after they recite them around the 1st of the year! Affirming these goals every single morning will put you on a path to change your luck. Keeping your goals at bay in the mornings will motivate you to take action day by day until it becomes your new routine.
  4. Take a cold shower: Get a timer set it to 3 minutes and take a cold shower. It jolts your body and gets the blood following.
  5. Work out: Morning exercise jump starts your metabolism, and has been shown to regulate appetite throughout the day. Most importantly, morning exercise that occurs consistently at the same time adjusts your body’s endocrine system and circadian rhythms. This essentially tells your body a couple hours before the workout that it’s time to get up and prepare for exercise. The benefits include: making it MUCH easier to wake up, increased mental acuity, regulated blood pressure throughout your day, and much more. Some get a full workout in, others get 15 minutes of a walk, jog or simple exercise in. Take action and reap the benefits in a way that fits you and your schedule.
  6. Eat: Your body is your vessel here on earth. If you don’t fill it with solid nutrients in the AM then what do you expect to achieve in the PM? Many reach for coffee around 3 PM, when really you’re not caffeine deficient. You more than likely didn’t fuel yourself properly in the morning with enough water or good nutrients. Personally, I try to get quick complex carbs and protein rich foods. Check out 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris on more morning nutrient ideas.
  7. Meditate: Perhaps the most important part of my routine is clearing my mind so that I can gain focus for the day. I’m very new to meditation. I only added it to my daily life within the past 6 months.
  8. Read: Instead of watching tv or staring at your iPad read. Reading books about, personal growth, and business ideas inspires me in the beginning of my day and gets the creative juices flowing.
  9. Maintain a journal: Reflect on what you would like to accomplish for the day.  A friend of mine recently mentioned how gratitude was a discipline, not a feeling. Maintaining a journal will help with this discipline. A journal is also a great place to affirm and write down your goals from number three!
  10. Connections: Making connections is an extremely important part of life. The old saying, connections make the world go round. It’s true. My goal is to make 2 new connections per-week and introduce one of my contacts to another contact who don’t know each other and could help and learn from each other.


In 2016, remember that your resolution doesn’t have to be a mark that you miss. It’s possible to achieve your goals with the correct mindset and more importantly process. These ten habits will kick off your day, week, month, and year to snowball into hopefully what will be your best one yet.

The city was founded on January 7th 1837, making it 179 years young. Over the last several years I have been documenting the city from a variety of different angles and vantage points for myself along with different clients.

I have seen downtown Toledo from a helicopter, from the middle of the Maumee River, the 280 Bridge, High Level Bridge, atop of buildings and from the ground looking up. Every angle is different and I wanted to share my favorite 12 images of Toledo I have photographed over the last several years.

If interested in purchasing any of these photographs please view the links below.

Buy Aerial Photographs

Buy Photos of Toledo

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The Toledo Musuem of Art has had some amazing exhibits over the last few months. The giant hammock, Red Ball Project, Degas and now Sneaker Culture. It’s pretty amazing to be able to photograph all of the artists and the exhibits.

The museum had a party to celebrate the exhibit and even some hiphop street performers showed up at the after party.

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The Great Art Escape is a holiday tradition at the Toledo Museum of Art, where a number of special programs are planned. The goal is to bring family and friends to the museum to view, explore and share there love for art.

I was photographing a variety of different events or marketing and social media material. Here are my favorite images.

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2016 is off to an awesome year even though its only 6 days in. But when I work on 3 pretty fun projects right out of the gate it makes for a great start. As I have said in the past, I do a lot of work for the Toledo Musuem of Art. This is actually my 9th year doing work for them. Crazy how time passes. Any way I was to photography the new food menu for the cafeteria which will be launching in March of 2016. Shoot food is fun yet challenging. the lighting has to be just right and the stylist has to prep and arrange the food to make it look appetizing for viewings to want to eat.

Here are my sample of some of my photos.

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