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2016 Orange Bowl

I ended 2016 in Miami, FL covering the 2016 Orange Bowl. Michigan vs Florida State at Hard Rock Stadium. The trip felt like it was four days even though I was only gone 24 hours. I left my house at 4:00am landed in Miami at 10:30am and grabbed lunch with a fellow photographer friend.

I arrived at the stadium around 4:00pm and got right to work. The first half of the game took FOREVER! But the ending sure didn’t disappoint with a lot of back and fourth and a blocked PAT returned for 2 points to end the game.

Following the game myself and Jasen Vinlove jumped into the car and made the 3 hour drive to Orlando. I was heading home on a 6:00am flight and Jasen was heading to the Winter Classic in St. Louis.

Here are my favorite images from the game! Please enjoy.

orangebowl-001 orangebowl-002 orangebowl-003 orangebowl-004 orangebowl-005 orangebowl-006 orangebowl-007 orangebowl-008 orangebowl-009 orangebowl-010

orangebowl-011 orangebowl-012 orangebowl-013 orangebowl-014 orangebowl-015 orangebowl-016 orangebowl-018 orangebowl-019 orangebowl-020 orangebowl-021

orangebowl-022 orangebowl-023 orangebowl-024 orangebowl-025 orangebowl-026 orangebowl-027 orangebowl-028 orangebowl-029 orangebowl-030 orangebowl-031

orangebowl-032 orangebowl-033 orangebowl-034 orangebowl-035 orangebowl-036 orangebowl-037 orangebowl-038 orangebowl-039 orangebowl-040 orangebowl-041 orangebowl-042 orangebowl-043


orangebowl-050 orangebowl-051 orangebowl-052 orangebowl-053 orangebowl-054 orangebowl-055 orangebowl-056 orangebowl-057 orangebowl-058

orangebowl-063 orangebowl-064 orangebowl-065 orangebowl-066 orangebowl-067

orangebowl-059 orangebowl-060 orangebowl-061 orangebowl-062

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