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2012 Chicago Pride Parade

NOTE: These images are not suitable for work or viewing in public.

After spending six days in Chicago shooting the 2012 Fencing World Cup, I was preparing to leave for Omaha’s  2012 USA Olympic Swimming Trial. But before making the 400 odd some mile trip, I decided to hit Chicago’s Pride Parade I had been hearing about all week long. A few Google searches later I saw numerous pictures from Pride Parades world wide, and they were very scandalous! So I knew I would have to experience it for myself.

Following the searches and a brunch with my editor, I found myself on Division and Ashland trying to catch a cab up north to the Pride Parade in Boystown. I spent a good 15+ minutes trying to flag one down but had no such luck. Luckily during my wait I met three local Chicagoans, who were also trying to find a cab to the parade, who kindly asked if I would like to join them on the bus down to the parade. Since a cab was out of the question, I quickly agreed and made these three stingers my new friends. I am always open to meeting new people and I have this strange fascination with trying to figure out all different types of public transportation in major cities.

We quickly jumped on the bus for a long 15 block trip, and hoped there would be cabs once we got closer to the parade. Lucky for us we were able to find one to take us the remaining blocks to the festivities.

Meet my 3 new friends!


Sorry, I can’t remember your name! 


Once we got a few blocks away from the parade route, we jumped out of the cab and try to work our way to the front. That was a giant FAIL as you can tell by the hunders of people in these pictures

I quickly gave up and started walking down an alley where I noticed a guy climbing up his fire escape to go into the roof of his building. I yelled up to him asking if I could join, he was open to the idea. Thanks Jeff!

Well here we go! Enjoy some very interesting photos!

I can’t wait to go back to the Pride Parade next year if you schedule allows me! It made for images you just don’t get at a college football game!




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