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Beyond just photography Andrew has the ability to create stunning aerial photographs and videos along with interactive 360 degree interactive tours.

Drone Photos & Video

Our cinematography captured from stabilized airborne platforms can easily stand alone or increase the production value of any film project. Landscapes, reveals, property profiles, establishing shots, chase scenes, and more are all captured in stunning 4K quality.

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360° Interactive Photos

We create immersive 360° panoramic photos from the air and ground. These spherical images provide an interactive experience and offer a unique visual for real estate, interior spaces, large areas, and more environments.



Have you embraced Snapchat for marketing yet? Many brands are struggling to get their heads around the destructive messaging app which keeps growing and innovating.

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About Me


About Andrew

Andrew Weber is a professional editorial and commercial photographer based in Chicago. He has covered the 2012 London Olympics, Super Bowls, Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500 and hundreds of NFL and NCAA Football games. His work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine, USA Today and many other publications world wide. Andrew also works with Fortune 500 companies Andersons Inc, Home Depot and Verizon Wireless.

Why I  Photography

I love photography because it allows me to create art rooted in reality. It enables us to capture moments that would otherwise just blend into all the other moments that have passed. Instead, we can freeze time in a way and be able to look back at it over time, seeing something new or different in it because while the image hasn’t changed, we have.

Why I Coffee

I love coffee is because of the community. I love going to coffee with friends, I love making a latte for guests and I love going to little coffee specialty shops and hanging with people who are passionate about coffee.

Why I  Running

For me, running is a form of moving meditation – it’s my time during each day to really get away from it all and be with my thoughts.There’s nothing I love more than getting in miles pre-dawn and watching the sunrise along Lake Michigan.


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Andrew is available for regular bookings in his studios in Chicago and Toledo. He is also available for assignments around the world.

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